Can I use Patientbook on the web?

Yes. You can login as a doctor on the doctor portal - dashboard.patientbook.com

I’ve completed registration via the app. However, I cannot add new patients

Try signing out and signing in again to your app. If that does not work, please contact us at support@patientbook.app

Is my data secure?

No system is full proof, but we take great measures to secure and protect your data. We use strong AES 256-bit encryption throughout our platform. Furthermore, we use state of the art RSA 4096 encryption for your personally identifiable data (PII).

Can I collect my consultation fees directly from the patient without using Patientbook App?

Absolutely. Just disable “require pre-payment” from your settings screen. However, we do recommend you process payment via Patientbook for an uninterrupted and smooth experience. Plus, its free for you and we handle all GST calculations for you and provide you invoices for safe keeping.

For any other questions, email us at support@patientbook.com